MIssions Partners

We are excited to introduce you to the missionaries and ministries that are local, stateside and and foreign that we support through regular giving and special offerings. We are blessed to have them partner with us to help take the Gospel of Christ to all the world.  

Please note that due to the sensitive nature of some of these ministries we are limited in the pictures

and information we can share. However, if they have a public website, we will make it available to

you for your discovery.

  • Genesis center - Kaufman, TX

    This  ministry provides immediate safety and shelter, along with victim care services, for women who have suffered from drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.

    Genesis Center

  • The Center - Kaufman, Tx

    The Christ centered service and humanitarian organization. It serves our community in food distribution, emergency sheltering, tutoring, governmental aid processing, and  educational classes.


  • Men's Life Recovery - Athens, Tx

    This is a Christian-based residential facility, dedicated to helping men overcome their past. Their programs are designed to prevail over any kind of addiction, dependencies and other self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. (Also known as Lila Lane Outreach)

    Men's Life Recovery

  • my life Speaks,  Nashville, TN / Neply, Haiti

    This is a wonderful non-denominational mission outreach based out of Nashville, Tennessee, that operates a unique family rescue and resource ministry in Neply, Haiti.   It works closely with Haitian Child Services to help abandoned, special needs and neglected children.

    my LIFE speaks

  • Love For The Least - Jerry & Stacy Kramer

    L4L focuses on giving hope and support to widows, orphans and refugees so that they can flourish. They mobilize teams and relief efforts to share the compassion of Christ with the unreached People Groups  in the world. They are based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but their ministries expand the globe.

    Love For The Least

  • Globe International - Missionary Partner

    This veteran missionary and church planter is affectively sharing Christ, and building the kingdom around the world. However, due to the sensitive nature of their current ministries we cannot share his name or any pictures . He works with Global International Ministries, a nondenominational network that assist him with administration, logistics and prayerful support. 

    Globe International Ministries.

  • The Copleys - Ft. Hall, ID

    Dr. Joe & Lela Copley have faithfully served as missionaries to Native American Reservations for over 20 years. They are currently ministering to  the people of the Shoshone – Bannock tribe. They are also pastors of Faith Baptist Church, in Ft Hall. Id. 

  • BGMC - Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge

    BGMC is the missions education program for our kids that teaches them to know, to care, to pray, to give, and to reach the lost. Each month they save coins in their "Buddy Barrel" and the bring them to place in our missions offering. The money raised through BGMC is used to provide our missionaries with the supplies they need to reach people around the world.  BGMC is a missions partner with the Assemblies of God.